About Stories & Me

No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.

The power of your brand depends on the power of your story.

The power of story

Years ago I started a humble little blog to share health and wellness insights.

And something happened. I fell in love with content creation, with the power in the story.

Without a story, without knowing who I was talking to, no amount of “right information” mattered.

No one reads anything for the right information.

We read for the story, the one that speaks to us, the one we see ourselves in.

Your story is your brand

My passion is finding your story and then finding the words that tell that story, that speak to your tribe, your lifer.

Because words are the most powerful thing in the world. Wield them effectively and you inform, sway, advise, persuade, tempt, capture, rally, motivate.

You create relationship. Do it well enough, and you create a community, a movement.

The best words tell a story that divines action.

Click, connect, buy, sell.

Build, design, develop, deploy.