3 Things Every Beachbody Challenger Needs To Know

Every Day I Get a Question Something Like This:

“So, if you are my coach, then what am I supposed to do? 

What is required of me??”

It’s a legitimate question! And I want to help clarify this confusion for YOU!

So, first! Some terminology.

1.) When I become your Coach, YOU become my Challenger. Why are you called a Challenger? Because, you decided to go for your goal, made a commitment to yourself and me, and you are in it to win it-in it for SUCCESS.

That’s a Challenge-and it’s a challenge we are in together.

2.) My private Facebook Group where we “meet” virtually in is called our Challenge Group.

Now, to answer the REAL questions.

1)What Do You Need For a Challenge Group?

-Each participant is required to have me as their coach.  

2)What Are You Required to Do?

a-You are required to do a Beachbody fitness program, which I will help you to pick the one that best fits your needs.

b-You are required to replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the group because as I am teach you how to change your eating habits and give you the tools to make this a lifestyle change we want to have at least 1 meal each day that is quick and easy but isn’t lacking in your nutritional quality.  Shakeology does that!  It is my saving grace because quite honestly there are days that I am so busy that I don’t have time to make a balanced meal-so this is my go to!!!  Plus it really does taste awesome!  

c-You are required to log into our online closed Facebook group daily where I share tips, recipes, meal plans, tips to handle eating out, and emotional eating -and work towards improving your body image.

My goal is to get you a program that you are excited about and that you start and complete it. I do not want it to be something that sits on your shelf and collects dust!  

3)What do you NOT do?

a-You do not share your personal information with your Coach or anyone else. Yes, you take your measurements and weigh yourself. But, that information is solely for YOU! There is nothing about this that is meant to make you feel uncomfortable, and-at least for me!- that would make me REALLY uncomfortable.

b-You do not publicly post on Facebook about your journey or your goals or photos of yourself-unless of course you want to, but none of that is part of this challenge. Again, our Challenge Group is CLOSED. It’s PRIVATE. Because this is YOUR journey, not the world’s to see. If and when you want to share publicly on Facebook about how awesome you are feeling and looking!!, by all means, go for it! It’s just not part of what we do.

c-You and I do NOT meet and workout together. I mean, hey, if you live nearby and you want to workout with me, then, by all means, let’s go walking or running or, heck yeah, let’s workout together (push-up contest anyone? jk jk) But, as a general rule, coaches and challengers meet online only. We are ladies all over the United States meeting solely online, solely in the Challenge Group that has been set up by me for you.

Does this sound like something you would like to do?
Shakeology and Beachbody Workouts
If so, take the time to email me.  I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss whether this would be a good fit!  I am accepting a small group of customers for this group, and I would love to have some motivated women who are really ready to make a change!  Lets face it, there will never be a perfect time.  
The right time is now!  
So lets get started!  

I am NOT going to let you fail!  I am giving you my word that I am going to support, guide, and help you to truly make a change, live a more positive life, and embrace who you are on the inside out!  We live in a world full of comparison and it’s time to chuck that to the wind and just BE YOU!!!!!!