4 Things I’ve Learned about Successful Beachbody Coaches

I want to share how Beachbody is impacting my life because I hope it will help you see if YOU would like to coach! I’ve now been a coach for 5 months-time flies. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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What I’ve Learned

Successful Coaches are Consistent Coaches

The coaches who consistently reach out to others and share their story, share their love for Beachbody, are the most successful. That seems obvious, I know. But, what I’ve learned is if I want to be the very best coach I can be, or if you want to be a top coach, you and I have to show up and share. Every. Single. Day. 

It’s a Process

The first few months, sometimes I felt like I was not helping ANYONE. Just being honest here. I felt like I wasn’t making ANY difference in other’s lives. But, 5 months into it, I’m beginning to see the process unfold.  As a coach I know I HAVE to stick with it! If you are consistent and  stick with it, people WILL start coming to you! Better yet, those ladies you have been helping will reach their goals! And, do you KNOW how AWESOME it feels to see before and after photos of someone and they say, “Look what you helped me do!!”

So, stick with it. A process takes time.

You Have to Care

I think some people think this is about an easy dollar or that they should be making lots of money right away. Well, first off, if you are in it JUST to make money, I’ll be honest: you aren’t going to succeed. People will see right through you and know you don’t really care about them. You have to -and I mean you MUST-truly care about other people. Your heart has to be in the right place. And when it is?! 

Well, THEN you DEFINITELY can make coaching your full-time career and live in a way you’ve only dreamed!

You Have to Work

So, if you are consistent. If you stick to in, knowing it’s a process that times time, if you care, well, then, you have what it takes to be an amazing coach and absolutely change people’s lives. You have what it takes to change you and your family’s life and lifestyle. Hands down. This is the way.  

But……you have to work. This isn’t easy. You have to put systems in place that you will follow. You have to do your research, learn more, study more, be willing to sacrifice TV time. You have to take time to read personal development books and listen to audios in your car. You have to take care of your body. 

And, you have to work smart and hard. Day in and day out. Make your check lists and check it off. 

When you are your own boss no one is watching what you’re doing. No one is expecting you at a certain hour. You have to expect MORE from YOURSELF. 

So, after 5 Months…

I’m still learning. And, I am certainly loving my life as a coach. I constantly meet wonderful women. I get to help others lose weight and see just how much they change on the INSIDE! It’s crazy awesome!  I’ve opened my eyes to the bigger picture and that it really IS about helping others in this world, and coaching is my outlet to do just that. My kids are healthier because of my career choice. My husband, my mom and dad, are all healthier now.

And, I’m happier.

Oh, and, no, I’m not making $16,000 a week ….yet. But, my heart is in the right place. With every person I invite I truly want them to make the choice to get healthier for THEMSELVES. So, I’m not there….yet.

beachbody coach
And, yes, it’s FUN!!

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