Career in Unforeseen Times

Yesterday my husband had a heart attack. Words I pray you’ll NEVER need to say. He is stable and recovering.

But you just don’t know what life is going to throw at you. Life stopped. Every single thing I was doing, that seemed so important, faded. 
He’s sleeping now, and I am working. By his hospital bed. I’m working because it’s the one thing that seems normal and is uplifting in this whole thing. But, what if I was the one paying the bills and had to LEAVE work, the source of income for my family’s livlihood?  That would have devastating consequences in already devastating circumstances. 
This isn’t why I coach. But it is one more reason that I feel blessed that I do. And it made me think of all the tough times people go through. Being able to coach anywhere and anytime is a blessing. Coaching allows you to take care of your family financially during those times a typical J-O-B would not. 
Your son gets hurt and you have to miss work and stay home with him?
-A coach works from home. No problem!
You want to visit your ailing parents but you just can’t afford to miss work? 
-You set your own hours and can choose to take that time off or visit and work when you choose. 
You are a caretaker but need financial security?
-You can definitely do that. 
You get laid off of work?
-You’re your own boss!

What I’m saying is life throws curve balls at you. But the bills are still due. The mortgage still has to be paid. Groceries. Gas. It all is still there. 

I pray that you never have to go through any of these struggles, but at least as a Coach you can handle them-without the added burden of finances.

 If you’ve ever considered coaching-for ANY reason-or if you’d like to learn more, message me. We will talk. Decide if it’s right for you.