Set Goals for 2022


Your routine has been anything but routine. Winter is in full swing. The kids are (or are not) going back to school. There’s CoVid. And, oh yeah, there’s CoVid.  And still, right now -today- is the PERFECT time to jump into your goals and resolutions!

No matter how your life used to look, how it looks right now is your reality. Maybe you are at home with the kids now, or you work from home. Recognize that your lifestyle may have changed, but that doesn’t mean your goals have to! You haven’t changed.

NOW is the perfect time for you to take back control of your life. Looking for inspiration?

Create goals. Take action.
Be stronger starting now.

Top Resolutions


Get more organized.

Enjoy more family time.

Learn something new.

Start a new career.

Exercise more.

Help others.

Lose weight.

 So, How Do You Start Making Your Goals a Reality?

10 Action Steps to Reach Your Goals

  1. Set aside a set amount of time first to DEFINE your goal. Make this one sentence, if possible, with a WHAT?WHEN? HOW?
  2. And, above all, know your WHY? WHY do you want this goal?
  3. What items will you need? Get them.
  4. How much time daily or weekly do you need?
  5. What is a reasonable amount of time for you to reach your goal or make your dream a habit?
  6. Remember, WRITE everything down, and look at your action plan often!
  7. Decide what you will do if AND WHEN you get off track.
  8. In the past, what has been the one TRIGGER that has thwarted your efforts?
  9. There is always a who/what/when/how answer to your trigger
  10. Have someone you are accountable to, and make sure there is a specific time that you hold yourself accountable to them. And, please, make sure it is someone who WANTS to see you succeed.

When Working on Improving Yourself

Know you are going to get off track, and life happenings will get in the way. Don’t make this an all-or-nothing kind of thing.  This is a new lifestyle for you. Creating a new way of life takes TIME and PATIENCE. 

Give yourself some grace! You’re human!




  1. Write it down.
  2. Define it.
  3. Prepare for the time commitment.
  4. Put a date to it.
  5. Know your triggers.
  6. Have an accountability partner.
  7. Give yourself grace.


Need help with your exercise, nutrition, or weight loss goals? Let me know. I mentor ladies every day to reach their wellness goals through sound nutrition, fitness, and accountability. Have questions? Please email me.

Take Action.
Start today.

This is your season to shine.


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