The Opportunity Called Beachbody Coaching

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So many of my friends are struggling. So many are moms who have kids who are growing up growing up. And they aren’t even part of their lives because they are working ALL THE TIME. So many want desperately to be home with their babies, their children, their teens, home for their husband. They work two jobs-day and night- and are not only not seeing any of their family, but they are DYING on the inside.  And-trust me-there was a time that I was there, too!!

Is that you? It doesn’t have to be this way!

You Can Become A Beachbody Coach!

The income I’ve made with Beachbody has floored me! A month! That’s it! And I am amazed I’m getting paid to do something I absolutely love, I get PAID to share something I’d be sharing anyway!

This is crazy!

There is a job that gives you fulfillment, joy, completeness. One where you are uplifted, you are bettered, you jump out of bed for, and one that makes you a better YOU!

Oh my goodness, this is it-Beachbody Coaching is all of those things and so much more!

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When It Stays on Your Heart and Your Mind, You Know What You Need to Do.

Why Am I A Beachbody Coach?

Please believe me when I tell you this: I started as a Coach because I just wanted to pay it forward. This is something I love to do, helping others reach their fitness and nutrition goals, see them walk in confidence.


And, yes, I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say, yup, I was and AM excited about the extra income! But, my husband (update: exhusband) has been blessed as an amazing business person, and so we didn’t NEED to financially do this. I WANTED to do this. I needed to do this because I know I am doing so much more with my life, helping others grow and develop as they get healthier. I love helping people get healthy!


Do you WANT to feel you have a purpose in this world? Do you NEED to pay the bills? Do you want to spend your life doing something you love, something that MEANS SOMETHING?! Do you want time with your family and to be on your own schedule?


DO YOU WANT AWESOME PEOPLE surrounding and uplifting you?!! Stop waiting. Start doing. Seriously. I am speaking from my heart.

Message me on Facebook or by email.  Get some information. Because you are smart! So trust yourself enough just to get more info.

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