Want to know the secret to looking great?

picture of Jamie Parker, a wellness coach
hi! I’m Jamie, a wellness coach for over 8 years.

The secret to health and weight loss?

A Wellness Coach!

It’s not your fault. It’s hard to become your healthiest self without accountability.

Your secret weapon? A wellness coach to give you advice, hold you accountable, and cheer your successes.

I’ve coached for over eight years and have helped 100s of people become better, healthier versions of themselves.
I am a Wellness Coach using Beachbody fitness programs and supplements. I work with the Beachbody company to help people achieve their health & fitness goals. 

What coaching looks like

I do that by running different monthly private Facebook groups that go by different names – Challenge Groups, Clean Eating Groups, Shakeology Challenge Groups, etc. really whatever speaks to me as far as how I can help the most people meet their fitness and nutritional goals whether that be getting toned, building muscle, eating healthier, or losing weight. 
My goal is to help people learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. 
Beachbody combines the company’s scientifically effective fitness programs and nutritional guides, protein shakes (Shakeology is way more than a protein shake, but this gives you an idea), and a free personal coach -that’s me- to help people achieve their fitness and nutritional goals.
So a person purchases the Beachbody line of fitness programs and nutritional supplementation from my website. Then I teach, encourage, motivate, uplift, and hold accountable that person -along with a small group of others- within a private Facebook group for a set period. Did that make any sense?

Need a wellness coach?

And, if you are interested (slightly intrigued?) in my next 21-day Challenge Group, email me to learn more! They kick off monthly.
EVERYONE matters & EVERYONE deserves to live a healthier & happier life. I’d love to help you on your wellness journey.
Could you email me? Let’s chat and see if this is right for you!