3 Tips for Scheduling Your Workouts

3 easy ways to keep track of where you’ve come from and where you are heading on your wellness journey.
I bet you’d like to get your workouts in, but they just don’t happen. Here are three easy tips to make sure you schedule your workouts and actually do them.

     1. Keep your Workout Calendar right where you workout.

Your calendar is the Beachbody Calendar that maps out your workouts for every single day of the week-rest day included!  

Why is this important?? Checking off your completed workouts makes you FEEL like you have accomplished something, and you have! So, reward yourself! A check -or big red “X”- is a visual reminder of your hard work. 

Workout Binder
Calendars of Beachbody Workout Schedules


     2. Keep a Workout Binder. 

Why does this help?? The simple act of writing down what you have completed encourages consistency. So, when the scale doesn’t reflect your diligence, a look at your binder will remind you that now is not the time to quit! Look at all you’ve done! Also, there is something about having a blank line (from a missed workout) that is motivation in itself to keep at it and fill every line!
workout binder
Just a Binder and Paper is all You Need

Write your workouts down.
Write your workouts down!
List the Date on the Left and Your Workout Beside it-

       3. ALWAYS, Always, always! keep a workout binder, and keep it ONGOING! 

Why would you want to do that?? Exercise and fitness is not for 21 days or 30 days or even 60 days. Exercise is a LIFESTYLE! So, let your binder reflect your fit style of living! Also, it is an excellent tool to see how much you have progressed over time.

workout workbook
Make a workout workbook.
P90X Workout Calendar from 2010!
I promise you, try these three easy steps, and you’ll start keeping those workout dates.