6 Reasons Beachbody Programs Work

So! Is Beachbody Really All that Different?

I get this question or some variation of this question -a lot. And it’s a great question!  I mean, if you are like I was -nothing seemed to work for me. So you are thinking, why should this be any different? If you could trust me on this when I say IT IS, then you can skip this whole list and email me right now. But you probably want some reasons that resonate with you!

1. Each program comes with a nutrition guide: For once, a company focuses on both aspects of a healthy weight loss… BOTH exercise AND nutrition!

2. Each program has a schedule to follow: No need to be lost on what to do when… It is given to you!

3. There is a program out there for EVERYONE: Based on your Intensity level and any restrictions from injuries.

4. Focus on LONG TERM vs. SHORT TERM LIFESTYLE: So many FAD diets are only temporary… The food and shakes are full of chemicals and do not give you the proper nutrition, SO when you get off these foods and go back to regular food, you will eventually gain that weight back.

5. Time efficient: Being that I am a mom and my husband and I commute between states, I do not have 1 or 2 hours to spend at the gym, along with trying to raise two teens alone, while I travel back and forth to the gym. Beachbody’s home DVD programs allow you to work out in your own home without having to leave the house and waste more time going back and forth.

6. Money saver:  Paying for a monthly gym membership… hmmm, I bet many of us know how that goes… we pay for a gym, but go months without stepping foot in a gym! I have found paying for a workout program that I have FOREVER makes me feel I’m getting the most out of my buck!

These are just some amazing benefits that Beachbody has provided me that I can now share with many others and give everyone else the great opportunity I had!

So that is why I love the Beachbody Challenge I offer every month to you!

So, now you’re asking, what is a Beachbody Challenge??

Another great question!

As a Beachbody coach, I hold closed groups with the free Beachbody Challenger Tracker phone app, and I work with YOU to help you reach your ultimate health and fitness goals.

HOW does this work??
1.You and I pick your workout program and follow the schedule and nutrition guide

2. I give you daily motivation

3.I provide my challengers with healthy recipes

4.I provide my challengers with meal plans and help them make their own if they need help

5.We take before and after pictures to help track the progress of our journey

6.Challengers check in DAILY: Take 2 minutes to say how your day went… Did you complete your daily workout, did you drink your Shakeology, and how did you eat? I really like to work on what is behind the unhealthiness and work on mental strength for my groups.

* If you are willing to commit to the Beachbody Challenge, I PROMISE YOU RESULTS!!
The only way out of not getting the results you are looking for or more is not to follow the program.

When I started my weight loss and fitness journey, I completed the workout programs, having a personal trainer on my TV to push and motivate me, on top of a support group with people having the same goals as me help me through my tough times. A coach to guide me and help me with meal planning and accountability made all the difference!

I have NEVER found such an easy, convenient health and fitness plan than those with Beachbody.  I have gone through several programs now, including Insanity, P90X, TURBOFIRE, Asylum, Cize, Hammer & Chisel, The 21 Day Fix, Max Insanity 30, T25, Cize, and PiYo! Yeah, they are that good!!

You put in the effort, the commitment, and the time, and the results will follow right behind!