Lose Weight with Small Changes

losing weight is easy!
2022 is all about change!


Did you know nearly 61% of Americans said they were unhappy because they wanted to lose weight in 2020? The average weight gain in the group studied was 29 pounds.

That means if you gained weight during the lockdowns and restrictions, you aren’t alone!

So, find an online group or a friend and get busy building a healthier and happier life in 2022.


Five Small Changes to Lose Weight in 2022

You probably have a lot on your proverbial plate. Don’t overwhelm yourself with highly restrictive dieting or 2-hour exercise routines. Not only are you setting yourself up for defeat, but this type of weight-loss method is also short-term and unhealthy.

1.      Don’t skip breakfast.

2.      Use a little less sugar in your coffee.

Even tiny changes like this add up over time. Just imagine if you had used less or no sugar in your morning beverage in 2020! At about 60 calories a day for 365 days, that’s about 7 pounds you would have lost (or not gained) by a tiny change.

3.    Park your car further away.

Here’s a little more math for you. If you parked a little further away at the grocery store, the gym, church, or your job, you would be healthier AND lose some weight. If you took 500 more steps to and from each destination for 365 days, that would equal 36,500 extra calories a year. Divide that by the calories in a pound (3500), and you’d lose over 10 pounds. (That’s imagining you make 2 stops a day.) Does this give you an idea of how small changes make significant differences?

4.    Choose one colorful vegetable for dinner in place of one high-starch food.

1 cup of pasta = 212 calories and 41 grams of carbs.

1 cup of broccoli = 55 calories and 11 grams of carbs

Who eats just one cup of pasta?! And, what about the olive oil or other toppings? Likewise, who boils plain broccoli and eats that?!

I want you to see that you have choices! And they don’t need to be huge changes.

5.    Exercise

I bring up exercise, and you might think, “See. I knew she was going to suggest some crap I don’t want to do and don’t have time for!”

But, think of exercise differently! If you have never exercised, then walking for 10 minutes might be the perfect start for you.


Exercise for Beginners

1.     Walk the dog.

2.    Stroll through your neighborhood

3.    Plant a garden or work in your yard.

4.    Do 10 jumping jacks or

5.    March in place for 1 or 2 minutes each hour of your day.

6.    Practice stretching.

7.    Throw a ball.

8.    Volunteer to work with the toddlers at your church.

All of the above ideas are for those of you who have NEVER exercised. Any of those options MIGHT make you winded. And each of them might also put a smile on your face and help you feel ALIVE. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll look better too!


Exercise for Everyone Else


You’re not actually a beginner. You just haven’t worked out in what feels like forever. Maybe you used to take your fitness -at least somewhat- seriously. Maybe you even enjoyed it

Your body won’t respond to the beginner workouts because it can already do those things. Here are some options:

1.     Go for a brisk walk for 45 minutes (about 3 miles).

2.    Jog for 30 seconds and walk for 1 minute.

3.    Bike around the park.

4.    Do some SERIOUS yard work.

You’d be surprised at how many calories you burn laying mulch or, better yet, push mowing.

5.    Use YouTube.

I’m also adding workout programs to my playlists on YouTube. Follow me if you always want an easy list at the ready-to-choose fro,

Here’s the link to my YouTube account to find the ones I’m currently loving. I add more all the time.

6.    Use Beachbody on Demand.

I have been a fan for 15 years and a coach for 5. Beachbody on Demand (BOD for short) streams to your Smart TV, computer, or phone, and, best of all, they work. You can message me (no stress) if you want more information or a free trial.