Testimonial-Jenny Lost 10 Pounds in 3 Weeks!


3 weeks and 10 pounds!

August 26 · 3 weeks – 21 days! @jamiemichellefitness 10 pounds gone, 9 inches gone. Two years ago I trained for a full year for a half marathon, I ran six to 11 miles a day, six days a week. Two 13.1’s and 11 months later I only lost three (3) pounds. “Well that worked out well” SAID NO ONE EVER. What I did say was, what a disappointment. I took the “run” challenge to mark a half marathon (or two) off my bucket list AND to lose a few pounds. I say all that to say this. The 21 Day Fix works! I must admit, at first I was quite skeptical, so much so I didn’t take before and after pics. That was a grave mistake. The results are real. For more info visit Jamie Parker Snuffer for the low down. I’m holding out for 20 more! #igotthis #21dayfix #jamiemichellefitness